Gfm Densactive Product- Innovative Technology Developed To Combat Hair Loss

Gfm Densactive is a topical cosmetic gel indicated for all forms of hair loss, it helps to strengthen the hair bulb and redensify the hair.

The weekly mono-application allows a practical use as a synergistic complement to the treatments for the most common forms of thinning.

Properties: Cosmetic topical gel with a high concentration of GFm and Caffeine conveyed by hyaluronic acid, with a moisturizing action for the scalp and hair fiber.

GFm (mimicking growth factors) are a complex of polypeptides that mimic the action of endogenous growth factors and promote the physiological regrowth of hair. Caffeine promotes the microcirculation of the scalp, contributing to a better supply of nutrients. The formula is enriched by Trikelan complex with soothing, sebum-rebalancing action for the scalp and with a strong chelating power for iron ions.

The latter property is known to favor the action of factors that allow an adequate supply of oxygen to the follicle. Water-based formulation.

How to use: Apply to the dry scalp row by row. Massage with fingertips to facilitate distribution on the scalp and the root of the hair. Leave on until completely absorbed.
Do not rinse. 1 application per week for at least 3 months or according to the doctor's advice.

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