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With a legacy dating back to the year 1949 in the healthcare industry & a multinational multilingual team, as a manufacturer and distributor, we speak your language no matter what!

Amsterdam Medical & Scientific Alliance is a 360°, a one-stop-shop, partner and service provider to Pharmaceutical, Personal Care and other Healthcare companies seeking entry into the EMEA markets, as well as a medical device manufacturer for the whole world.


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Consumer Healthcare

Originally a distributor, AMSA BV understands the needs and support expected by any local one.
Accordingly, when offering you a product line, we always make sure that the brand is a leader at its home market, has a clear competitive edge and offers the whole chain the margins and marketing support it takes to make the business a success.
We offer a wide range of products that fits market needs and that always has the end-consumer as the central point and cornerstone of the business.