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With a legacy dating back to the year 1949 in the pharmaceutical industry & a multinational multilingual team, as a manufacturer and distributor, we speak your language no matter what!

Amsterdam Medical & Scientific Alliance is a 360°, a one-stop-shop, partner and service provider to Pharmaceutical, Personal Care and other Healthcare companies seeking entry into the MEA markets, as well as a medical device manufacturer for the whole world.

The Business We recognise that when it comes to business & investment, companies have priority regions. We also understand that some companies have legacy regions in which they have full-fledged operations, while they have limited or no presence in others. These, though, don’t mean that such companies wouldn’t be interested in penetrating other regions, if it can be done without the said investments. Here is when we come to take over.

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Consumer Healthcare

Originally a distributor, AMSA BV understands the needs and support expected by any local one.
Accordingly, when offering you a product line, we always make sure that the brand is a leader at its home market, has a clear competitive edge and offers the whole chain the margins and marketing support it takes to make the business a success.
We offer a wide range of products that fits market needs and that always has the end-consumer as the central point and cornerstone of the business.