All Pasante items are holding BSI Kitemark Certification

All medical devices, including condoms, need to carry a CE-Mark. The CE mark is a conformity regulation that must be applied to products that are covered by European Union Directives.

All of our male latex condoms comply with the strict requirements set out in the ISO 4074 standard and carry a CE Mark.

In addition to the CE Mark, the Pasante branded male latex condoms also bear the BSI Kitemark. This means that these products have undergone parallel testing & quality controls to gain this certification which is owned and operated by the British Standards Institute (BSI Group). Excludes Pasante Glow, which carries CE Mark only.

Condoms are tested for strength, material resistance, imperfections such as holes, tears or defects. This is important as it makes sure that the condom will offer the required contraceptive protection as well as provide an efficient barrier against viruses.

The Kitemark is widely recognized and simple to understand as the sign of quality.

The Kitemark Condom testing steps are:
-    Durability of the rubber
-    Flaws
-    Elasticity
-    Strength

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