Lubricants for vaginal dryness

Lubricant use is recommended to women to resolve intercourse issues ranging from reduced pleasure to vaginal dryness. Women normally self-lubricates when they are sexually aroused, but many factors can affect this natural lube; hormonal changes, menopause, aging, or medications like contraceptives and chemotherapy can lead to vaginal dryness.

Intercourse without lubrication can be highly painful and can damage the vaginal lining, this is due to friction during penetration, itching, and discomfort which reduce pleasure as well.

Vaginal lubricants are considered the safest way to address vaginal dryness during intercourse with various types to be used such as water-based, oil-based, and silicone-based lubricants. Many studies show the importance of using lubricants in these situations, one study indicated that women who used lubricants had a more pleasurable and comfortable intercourse. Other findings showed that the application of lubricants was done by the female partner in more than half of the intercourse events.

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